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Wed, Jun 21, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CDT

As development teams grow more agile, project managers are needing to shift their mindsets (and toolsets) to stay on top of accurate planning. In this webinar, Amanda Babb (Principal at Praecipio Consulting) and Joe Walsh (Customer Success Manager at Tempo) show you how JIRA, paired with the Tempo suite of products, provide the dynamic, real-time reporting capabilities project managers need to ensure releases align with business goals across the organization.

Austin, TX | June 21, 2017
6:00- 9:00 PM

How fast can you resolve an incident? Find out how Atlassian, xMatters, & BigPanda can cut MTTR to help you win at IT support.

From application monitoring, to alerts, to issue tracking, the most effective IT teams leverage automation and integration for record-breaking mean time to resolution of incidents. In this special, hands-on workshop, attendees will see the streamlined ITSM toolchain of monitoring applications paired with BigPanda, xMatters, JIRA Service Desk, HipChat, and StatusPage. Learn how to push alerts to the right resources, through the right platforms, for highly responsive swarming and troubleshooting. Lead by Praecipio Consulting, this workshop also includes team members from BigPanda and xMatters on-hand to answer questions and offer support.

Free event admission includes:
-Hands-on Workshop 
-Dinner & Drinks


In the consulting world, most work focuses on providing excellent client solutions. And Praecipio Consulting is no different in that regard. Specializing in the Atlassian suite, they consult on IT, DevOps, and several other areas to ensure client success and provide a great ROI. Praecipio Consulting began in 2006; in the past eleven years, they’ve evolved from a startup into an established consulting firm. In 2016, Atlassian awarded them the Atlassian Innovation Award for their work with the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the firm also produces its own add-ons for the Atlassian Marketplace. These add-ons include a DocuSignand Confluence integration, additional security layers for Confluence content, and a Docusign-JIRA integration. They also are a Workato Consulting Partner.

But Praecipio Consulting is also distinct for applying kaizen to its internal operations. The firm seeks to continually improve its own processes, so it can work more efficiently and provide better client solutions. Automation has become an important component of the firm’s kaizen, allowing them to onboard customers and complete projects smoothly while conserving resources.

Seamlessly Connecting Salesforce and JIRA

Praecipio Consulting uses Workato to connect Salesforce and JIRA. The firm’s Business Development team uses Salesforce to manage the entire sales cycle. The Services Delivery team, meanwhile, uses JIRA to manage projects but frequently needs access to information stored in the CRM, which serves as the system of record for customer data. “Rather than give them SFDC licenses for this narrow purpose, it made sense to sync Salesforce data to the program they use all the time: JIRA,” explains Michael Kuhl, a Principal at the firm.

Initially, these information silos didn’t exist. “Prior to adopting Salesforce, we used JIRA to manage the sales cycle. It was okay, but JIRA isn’t made to be a CRM. As we scaled, we needed to graduate to a real CRM,” Kuhl explained. The transition was challenging, however, because many of the firm’s business processes still relied on customer information being accessible via JIRA.

Lightning-Fast Implementation

The road to integration wasn’t entirely smooth at first. “We tried using a popular Atlassian Marketplace add-on to create this integration, but it wasn’t a flexible tool,” Kuhl remarks. “It was focused on one use case — connecting customer service teams and development teams — and that’s not what we wanted. We needed a more all-purpose solution.” After experiencing its versatility first-hand at the Atlassian Summit, the firm settled on Workato.

From there, the firm quickly implemented the platform. Kuhl estimates he set up the first simple integration in about two hours. And the return, he says, has been multifold. The delivery team has all the information they need to work efficiently, and the sales team can focus on closing deals instead of answering questions about customers. Instead of waiting to have a conversation, the delivery team can just check JIRA; it’s a smooth, self-service workflow. Kuhl says the firm also appreciates the complete peace of mind the integration affords. “We know the delivery team has all the info they need. Once we built the integration, we just turned it on. It just runs in the background; if there’s ever a problem, it informs JIRA Service Desk, so our support team can address it. It all happens invisibly.”

Marketing Automation: Sending the Right Emails, Right on Time

The firm also automates their marketing with Hubspot and uses Workato to add extra muscle to their email campaigns. “When someone downloads one of our add-ons from the Marketplace, we wanted to automatically send an email that thanked them for downloading,” says Erin Jones, a Senior Marketing Analyst who handles the firm’s product and email marketing. But the Marketplace doesn’t have event-based integration built in, so Praecipio Consulting uses Workato’s scheduling trigger. “On a daily basis we query the Marketplace’s API to get the set of new downloads. If we find any new downloads, we then call the Hubspot API and create a Hubspot contact,” Erin says. The firm then sets properties on the Hubspot contact to define the sort of support they receive. “If there’s an existing Hubspot contact who then downloaded an app, they need to be tagged appropriately so we can email them with relevant updates or Marketplace information. In other words, we need to tie that contact to a specific product, so that their email says ‘Thank you for downloading Product X; here’s how to get started.’”

Erin explains that the firm used to do this process manually, but sought ought an automated solution as they expanded their product offerings. “Towards the end of last year, our product number increased, and we wanted to make sure that we were sending out the right emails–it’s important that people have an easy time using our products! Before we started using Workato, a marketing intern had to manually download the report from Atlassian marketplace, identify new users, and manually send emails from Hubspot. We are always trying to optimize our internal processes, so this was something we decided to automate,” she says.

A Seamless Transition

Praecipio Consulting appreciates the quick implementation Workato provides. “With Workato, we set this all up in under four hours. A team member–who had never used Workato before–picked it up almost instantly. He was very familiar with the integration at the end of those 4 hours. And we saw results immediately,” Erin says. “At the end of those four hours, we were kicking off the workflow. It was instant.” Though they didn’t try any other solutions before selecting Workato, the firm initially considered writing custom Python code for the integration. “That definitely would have taken more than 4 hours!” Erin laughs.

Improved ROI: No Interns Required

The firm has seen benefits beyond the initial quick implementation, crediting Workato with saving them thousands of dollars every year. “Automating a task that would otherwise require manual input saves us resources and time,” Erin explains. “Overall, the automation saves us five hours per week–which adds up to six weeks of labor per year! That’s about $5,000 we would have spent paying an intern, plus the invisible opportunity costs of responding more slowly to a new download.”

And responding quickly to downloads is key to making the new user experience wonderful, directly impacting the firm’s marketing ROI. “With Workato, our customers get this thank-you email sooner, so they can immediately install the product and use it to the best of their ability,” Erin says. “Having our customers instantaneously receive that email helps them onboard more smoothly and gives them a better feeling about adopting our product.”

Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner supports non-profit offering services to those diagnosed with cancer and their families

For Immediate Release
Austin, TX

As members of the Pledge 1% movement, Austin-headquartered Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Praecipio Consulting, donates employee time, company profit, and equity to a variety of charitable causes. Their most recent contribution is helping those diagnosed with cancer and their families gain access to therapy through the Flatwater Foundation. To this end, Praecipio Consulting has committed to raising $12,000 for the Flatwater Foundation's Dam That Cancer fundraiser- standup paddle boarding 21 miles across Austin's Ladybird Lake.

In order to boost awareness and contributions for the Flatwater Foundation, Praecipio Consulting is hosting a fundraising event on May 20th (5- 9 PM) at East Austin's in.gredients. Joined by co-sponsors, Whitestone Brewery and in.gredients, Praecipio Consulting's Dam That Cancer Fundraiser Party will feature activities for the whole family. Proceeds from in.gredients' sales, purchases of Whitestone Brewery's ales, and raffle ticket sales (of which prizes include specialty handmade goods and even autographed items from Dallas Mavericks MVP, Dirk Nowitzki) contribute to reaching the $12,000 goal. 

"As business owners and members of the Austin community, which is known for its support of worthy causes, we wanted to throw an event that would both raise money for the Flatwater Foundation as well as educate the community on the important work the foundation is doing," says Praecipio Consulting Partner and Dam That Cancer standup paddle boarder, Christian Lane. "While the event will certainly be a great party- with beer, games, and live music- we also want to keep a focus on the mission of the Flatwater Foundation. Event attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing work the Flatwater Foundation is doing, as well as write letters of encouragement to cancer patients and their families."

The team of 5 Praecipio Consulting employees, joined by Atlassian's Community Team Lead, Ashley Elder, are currently in training to complete their 21-mile athletic feat, which happens on June 12th. In addition to the Dam That Cancer Fundraising Party at in.gredients, Praecipio Consulting will also be hosting a charity Spikeball Tournament to raise additional funds for the cause, generating interest with spikeball games and charity tournament registration available at their May 20th fundraising event.

About Praecipio Consulting
Praecipio Consulting is an IT and business process consulting company focused on the Atlassian product suite, offering services including product licensing, training, managed services and managed hosting, and custom development across the entire Atlassian product suite. Specializing in IT processes, best practices and frameworks including ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), and various ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) models, Praecipio Consulting provides best-in-class products (including the DocuSign for Atlassian suite) and business process services to clients of all industries and sizes for superior, consistently delivered results.

About Flatwater Foundation
Flatwater Foundation is dedicated to providing those diagnosed with cancer, their families and loved ones access to mental health therapy and family support. This includes access to both traditional and non-traditional methods of psychological counseling.

For more information about Praecipio Consulting's Dam That Cancer Fundraising Party, contact:
Erin Jones

Atlassian Solutions Partner doubles down on ITSM with strategic partnerships

For Immediate Release
Austin, TX

Leading up to Atlassian's European Summit, Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solutions Partner, Praecipio Consulting has further solidified their industry presence as an ITSM and DevOps solutions provider with their newly minted partnerships with BigPanda, xMatters, Workato, Splunk, Puppet, and Riada. These complimentary technologies to Atlassian are key players in the IT Service Management and DevOps spaces. Their innovative products not only integrate with the Atlassian suite but empower businesses to address incidents (both internal and client-facing) in record-breaking mean time to resolution. Serving a client base who leverages Atlassian applications for ITSM and DevOps, Praecipio Consulting forms this strategic partnership with BigPanda, xMatters, Workato, and Riada to further solidify their presence as solutions providers in these spaces.

"BigPanda, xMatters, Workato, Splunk, Puppet, and Riada compliment the Atlassian products to support best practices across ITSM, ITOM, and DevOps practices," says Praecipio Consulting Founding Partner, Christian Lane. "By implementing these products alongside Atlassian, we're providing a competitive solution for those who require best-in-class IT Service Management and DevOps. With JIRA as the ultimate system of record, companies can now integrate with: xMatters for instant communication, BigPanda for up to 99% incident consolidation, Riada's Insight and Insight Discovery for a CMDB, and Workato for overall integration and process orchestration. This saves companies hundreds of hours a year, and (in turn) helps businesses avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars on costly outages. We're thrilled to now offer this unparalleled solution to our clients."

Bryant Lee, Head of Product Partnerships and Integrations for Atlassian, is equally excited about this solution, saying "We're thrilled about these partnerships. The additional functionality these technologies bring to JIRA now allow us to competitively position it against other competing service desks with full confidence that this end-to-end solution will be of great value to our customers."

"When an application goes down or has performance issues, countless users are impacted- especially if you're an enterprise company," adds Praecipio Consulting Managing Partner of Product Development and IT Ops, Christopher Pepe. "The ability to identify these issues quickly and route them to the appropriate support channels can mean the difference between minutes of performance loss versus hours, if not days. For companies with mission-critical systems, having tools like BigPanda, xMatters, Workato, Splunk, Puppet, and Riada is paramount to providing uninterrupted service to customers." 

"After using Workato with JIRA for their own business, Praecipio Consulting is convinced that the power of Workato will benefit their customers with Workato's capabilities as an integration and automation platform for JIRA," notes Workato VP of Business Development, Markus Zirn. "Workato enhances JIRA well, as seen from Praecipio Consulting's end-to-end IT Operations and DevOps solutions. We're excited to be the integration and automation platform for these IT Ops and DevOps solutions built around JIRA and leveraging multiple components from Atlassian partners."

Praecipio Consulting is co-sponsoring Atlassian European Summit with an aforementioned partner, xMatters, and the team looks forward to presenting this unprecedented solution to attendees. 


About Praecipio Consulting

Praecipio Consulting is an IT and business process consulting company focused on the Atlassian product suite, offering services including product licensing, training, managed services and managed hosting, and custom development across the entire Atlassian product suite. Specializing in IT processes, best practices and frameworks including ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), and various ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) models, Praecipio Consulting provides best-in-class products (including the DocuSign for Atlassian suite) and business process services to clients of all industries and sizes for superior, consistently delivered results.

For more information, contact Praecipio Consulting.

5918 W Courtyard Dr. Suite 450
Austin, TX 78730

The Keystone Social House | Wednesday, June 14th

6:30- 8:30 PM 

Agile & Git are here to stay, but can they prevent teams from working in silos? Where is software development headed to next? Learn the steps to adopt DevOps for your team and enterprise leveraging best-in-class tools like Atlassian, xMatters, BigPanda, Splunk, and Puppet.

Join us for this free evening of presentations, networking, and real-life DevOps stories with dinner and drinks provided.

Special Guest Presenters: xMatters and BigPanda

Be sure to RSVP for you and your team to reserve your spots, as space is limited.

Alamo Drafthouse Mueller | Thursday, June 1st

6:30- 8:30 PM

Agile & Git are here to stay, but can they prevent teams from working in silos? Where is software development headed to next? Learn the steps to adopt DevOps for your team and enterprise leveraging best-in-class tools like Atlassian, xMatters, BigPanda, Splunk, and Puppet.

Join us for this free evening of presentations, networking, and real-life DevOps stories with dinner and drinks provided.

Special Guest Presenters: xMatters, BigPanda, & Splunk

Be sure to RSVP for you and your team to reserve your spots, as space is limited.

Expert led, hands-on Atlassian training

This course is for those who are new to JIRA dashboards and reports. You'll learn how to use JIRA's out-of-the box reporting and dashboard capabilities to view and assess progress and bottlenecks within projects. In hands-on exercises, you'll create and configure a project dashboard and learn how to configure dashboard gadgets. You’ll also learn how to read JIRA Agile reports, configure a wallboard, and create a multi-project dashboard. The course discusses dashboard best practices and pitfalls and how to ensure your reporting reflects the right metrics at the right time. This course should put you on the path to using one of JIRA's core strengths: displaying project status visually on fully customizable dashboards.

High-level topics

  1. Overview of each of the major JIRA and JIRA agile reports - the purpose of each, how to use, how to read and interpret the data
  2. How to create a dashboard and populate it with gadgets
  3. How to create a dashboard that tracks multiple projects
  4. How to configure gadgets so they display data as you need
  5. How to create and use a wallboard

Who should attend?

Agile project managers, scrum masters, technical managers, JIRA system administrators, or anyone looking to learn more about JIRA dashboards and reporting

Level: Introductory

Suggested prerequisites

Familiarity with JIRA Agile, JIRA Query Language (JQL), and basic JIRA functionality

Course objectives

After attending this course, attendees should be able to:
- Identify and describe the purpose of the most commonly used reports in JIRA and JIRA Agile
- Create a dashboard, populate it with gadgets and configure the gadgets 
- Read and interpret JIRA and JIRA Agile reports 
- Create and use a wallboard 
- Create a dashboard that tracks multiple projects


Friday, April 28th 2017 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (CST) 


Praecipio Consulting - 5918 West Courtyard Drive Suite 450, Austin, TX 78730


As an Authorized Atlassian Training Partner and Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Expert, we deliver value-added instruction and expertise to help you increase your knowledge of and throughput with the Atlassian product suite.

Register Here

By Tony Mann (DocuSign)
Shared from the DocuSign Blog 

An interview with Steven Kling,
Principal of Product Development at Praecipio Consulting

With DocuSign Momentum fast approaching, we sat down with Steven Kling, Principal of Product Development at Praecipio Consulting – makers of DocuSign for Atlassian – to learn about the experience of building a DocuSign integration and what he’s most looking forward to at this year’s Momentum conference.

Q: Tell us about what led Praecipio Consulting to build a DocuSign integration?
A: We use DocuSign extensively at Praecipio Consulting. From Statements of Work to contracts in our Sales team, to everything internally from HR to Legal. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we use their suite exclusively for all of our processes, so an integration is something we wanted ourselves for Atlassian’s Confluence collaboration platform. We’re the experts in JIRA, Atlassian’s industry-dominating business, software, and service desk management platform, and we saw a huge potential market for regulatory compliance (FDA, SOX, etc) that required repetitive, signatures; especially given the various digital initiatives out there pushing adoption.

Q: What was the development process like?
A: I’m a veteran of many various integration efforts over the years; some more successful than others. One key factor is a strong partnership. DocuSign provided solid and reliable technical assistance the few times it was necessary to reach out. Nobody has a perfect API, but DocuSign’s is as close as I’ve seen with excellent documentation and a testing UI that made familiarization easy. It’s definitely one of the most well designed products I’ve worked with from an integration perspective.

Q: What lessons did you learn during the process that you can share with other people looking to build a DocuSign integration?
A: We learned a great deal about Adobe PDF, CSS and multipart http requests! We had thought we could rely on Atlassian’s bundled export utilities but these were not exposed APIs and we had to come up with our own export-to-PDF solution. It’s not something we had counted on. So make sure you know if the product you’re integrating with can hand you a pdf, or start cracking the books. As for multi-part http posts, we were caught between versions of Apache’s http offerings with wildly differing APIs for multi-part, which is required for sending documents. If you’re using Java you’re likely to use Apache, so go with the latest 4.5.x HttpComponents and be wary of which version when looking at examples and online documentation.

Q: What are the use cases and types of teams that can benefit from DocuSign for Atlassian?
A: We’ve got a suite of products to make any team that relies on signatures much more efficient and provide consistent traceability, built seamlessly into the Atlassian applications they use every day. My favorite example is an HR recruiter. Each new hire goes through stages of the hiring process that require signatures, but also captures a lot of personal information. Today’s standard at best is a repetitive set of documents sent via PDF in email attachments that, best case, are fillable but more typically must be printed, filled out, signed and scanned. The same information: Name, Address, Phone, SSN, etc entered each time. Depending on the HR team’s process, these will get saved to a share network drive or worse, printed and left on a desk or an unlocked filing cabinet. With DocuSign for JIRA, each needed document is sent automatically as the prospect’s JIRA is moved through the new hire workflow. Each DocuSign field (tab) filled in is captured as a JIRA field that can then populate subsequent documents further in the process and even on into the on-boarding tickets post-hire. Of course there are other use cases for Release Management, SOX Compliance, FDA CFR21 Part 11, Legal, and Sales – but the HR recruiter is as solid a value proposition I’ve seen. And its totally customizable to your current process. No major culture changes required!

Q: What can we look forward to seeing from you at Momentum 2017?
A: Well, on the developer track I’m going to focus on two things: First, a review of the use cases from requirements sign-off to release management for enterprise development teams and how DocuSign for Confluence, DocuSign for JIRA and DocuSign for HipChat (coming soon) can automate approvals and ensure traceably through the development life cycle. Then I’ll go into lessons learned, reviewing some of the technical challenges of integrating with DocuSign. I don’t think anyone has flexed the muscles of the DocuSign APIs as much as our team and we’re happy to pass on what we’ve learned!

See you at Momentum 2017

Make plans to catch Steven Kling’s presentation, Uniting Tech Giants: DocuSign for Atlassian (Thursday, May 4th at 10:00 AM – Developer Track) to learn more about how DocuSign for Atlassian can transform your approval processes, and to learn their best practices for DocuSign API integration.


Wed, May 24, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CDT

As the world of development gets more competitive and automated, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery become the one-two punch that gives industry leading companies the edge to be first to market- releasing daily with better developed, well-tested code. In this webinar, Christopher Pepe (Partner at Praecipio Consulting) and guest presenters, Puppet and Mumo Systems, dive into the tools and processes needed to streamline and automate CI, CD, and QA Testing in order to get your best product to market, faster.


Dallas Atlassian User Group
Sagiss in Irving, TX | June 15, 2017

Want to learn more about effectively leveraging JQL (JIRA Query Language) and CQL (Confluence Query Language) to accelerate your daily processes? Join us at this Dallas Atlassian User Group meeting for our special, hands-on JQL/ CQL Workshop and get tricks you and your team can start using now for immediate ROI. As official sponsors of the Dallas Atlassian User Group, we encourage anyone in the DFW area - whether you're currently using or Atlassian or considering making the switch - to attend.

Las Vegas, NV | June 4-9, 2017

Looking for the secrets to high-performing software teams? Come visit us at the Atlassian booth at Better Software Agile Dev West and see how the Atlassian tools, paired with our process expertise, optimized your software development lifecycle (SDLC) for higher quality throughput at a lower cost. Chat with our team about SDLC, DevOps, Project Management, and all your business and IT process needs!

Don't miss our speaking session-

Thursday, June 8th at 10 AM
Project Forecasting: Hazy Planning Clears Up with Portfolio for JIRA

by Amanda Babb, CSM & SPC4 - Principal 
This can't miss session will cover:

  • The State of PM - Challenges in aligning traditional PM with agile product teams
  • Accurate forecasting - Leveraging Portfolio for JIRA to align business goals across product releases
  • Reporting to decisions - Generating accurate data on which to make major business decisions

About Better Software Agile Dev West
Whether you’re new to the agile process and need to get up to speed quickly, or you’re experienced and ready to take your team or organization to the next level, the hands-on, in-depth workshops have you covered. Plus, all Agile Dev West is held in conjunction with Better Software West and DevOps West conferences, allowing you to choose from three distinct programs. 

Sagiss in Irving, TX | May 18, 2017

Join us and the Dallas area Atlassian users for an evening of networking and presentations. This meeting will feature a Post Summit Europe re-cap (for those who didn't make it all the way to Barcelona) and Atlassian Certification discussions, as well as sharing of best practices and lightning talks to aid you in your Atlassian endeavors. As official sponsors of the Dallas Atlassian User Group, we encourage anyone in the DFW area - whether you're currently using or Atlassian or considering making the switch - to attend.


Austin Convention Center | May 8-11, 2017

Get insight into the ground-breaking technologies and processes that help the world's leading programming and development teams stay on the bleeding edge of innovation. Visit our booth to see how Atlassian, with strategic integrations and our signature process consulting, gives you the tools and expertise you need to be the best at what you do.

OSCON brings the software engineering and developer community together to explore what's new and useful in open source languages, tools, and techniques. It's the best place to sharpen your skills and discover important trends, making you better at what you do and igniting your love of code.

Darryl K. Royal Stadium | May 4-5, 2017

Don't miss this event in the heart of Texas, where development and ops team members come together to learn about accelerating release cycles with higher quality and throughput through streamlined processes and key technologies. Be sure to stop by our booth, co-sponsored with our partners from xMatters, to get a demo of our industry-leading DevOps solution.

About DevOps Days Austin
DevOpsDays Austin is in its sixth year! Every year has been bigger than the last - more DevOps luminaries, great talks, fun attendees, and general awesomeness.