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Intelligent communication for smart businesses

From IT major incidents to manufacturing line slowdowns, virtually every business process generates insights that need to reach the people required to take action.


xMatters is a communication platform that integrates with your business tools to create fully enabled DevOps toolchains, so you never miss a beat. Whether you’re managing deployments or resolving major incidents, targeted communications to individuals and groups on their preferred devices are key to successful outcomes. Take control. Integrate easily with your existing ITSM, chat, and automation tools. Refashion flexible templates to share technical information with resolvers and business language with executives, customers, and partners.

IT Alerting

You’ve already invested in ITSM tools, chat applications, automation utilities, and more. Fortify these solutions with intelligent communications so you can drive business processes forward. Share technical information with your incident resolution team, and use appropriate business language to update executives, customers, and partners.

Major Incident Management

When every second counts, connect systems and tools to bring critical information to the right people instantly. Streamline communications by finding major incident managers and resolution teams so you can reduce downtime and limit the business impact of every major incident. Automate Major Incident processes to effectively collaborate across teams.

Facilitate DevOps

Communication across every corner of your business is essential to increase the velocity of your application delivery and support pipeline. Automate, standardize, and contextualize your communication processes and integrations to link your people to the data that is critical to your deployment, monitoring, and collaboration toolsets.