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Automate business and leave troublesome integrations behind

Workato recipes are packed with advanced features to handle all app integration scenarios, including complex data transformations, conditional triggers and actions, duplicate detection and much more.


You don’t have to be an engineer to use Workato.

You can start connecting your apps by leveraging one of 100,000+ recipes created by the Workato community or easily create your own.

Multi-Branch & Multi-Instance

Workato recipes can have multiple conditional branches of execution, each with multi-step with tasks that run across multiple apps or multiple instances of the same apps. 

Advanced Business Rules

Every business is different and your business rules and processes give you a competitive edge. You can automate even the most complex business processes across your apps without coding!

Time Machine

Automatically sync data across apps from the past- no more CSV imports or ETL solutions. You can have long running tasks that wait for an event or a time in the future.