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Encrypted content blocks for Confluence

The Secure Content macro for Confluence gives users a way to encrypt password-protected data, setting permissions to grant viewing and editing to the users you choose. 

Secure Content provides a macro to embed encrypted data into any Confluence page. This means sensitive data is securely stored in the database and permission to decrypt that data is controlled by a user's group membership. Perfect for limited sharing of sensitive content across users, everyone from IT Support to System Administrators and even business teams enjoy the usability and security of Secure Content inside their Confluence instance.


Secure Content blocks are encrypted before being stored in the database and are only decrypted when an authorized user provides their credentials.


The author and those with editing permission can grant Secure Content block permissions to groups, allowing others to read or edit content.


After editing the Secure Content Block, content is hidden on the Confluence page with the click of a button, adding an extra level of security to your information.

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