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Work smarter, test faster - create better software

QA Symphony's innovative testing and test management platform is purpose-built to help development teams deliver quality software at an Agile pace.

The QA Symphony suite of add-ons for Atlassian enable higher-quality testing for developers to ensure your best release. Recognized for their software achievements by leading technology publications and trusted by clients industry-wide, QA Symphony's products accelerate the Agile SDLC process with invaluable testing integrations.


qTest makes every step of the test case management process simpler and more effective for individual testers and the team as a whole - from start to finish.

qTest eXplorer

Save time by auto capturing your manual, session-based & exploratory testing. qTest eXplorer automatically records all test execution environment data and user interactions on desktop, web or mobile apps.

qTest Scenario

Adopting a Test-First approach to Agile? The qTest Scenario JIRA Plugin can help you change existing processes, scale across your organization and become more focused on the end user.