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BigPanda transforms noisy IT alerts into actionable incidents.

BigPanda is an IT systems management platform that aggregates and correlates IT alerts to create high-level IT incidents.


BigPanda is used by IT organizations, DevOps teams, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams, and Network Operation Centers (NOCs) to improve the availability and performance of applications.

Reduce Alert Noise

Automatically correlate alerts from all of your various monitoring systems into unified, high-level incidents, so you can instantly detect critical issues customizable and transparent correlation logic.

Collaborate better

BigPanda intelligently clusters alerts from all of your tools and automatically creates a ticket based on one unified incident. Tickets are updated in real-time, and enriched with all the information you need.

Centralized visibility

Consolidate monitoring alerts into a single pane of glass for a centralized view across the organization to maximize your resources and spot critical issues faster.