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Praecipio Consulting’s JIRA training sessions were very informative. They did a lot to close our knowledge gaps. We have nothing but positive feedback and thank you’s.

L. FobelNASA Dryden Flight Research Center

Objects Conservation was absolutely thrilled with the project Praecipio Consulting delivered.

Michael W. Johnson | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The project allowed us to get JIRA Service Desk operational and put us on a good path for go-live. We learned a lot more than we expected, and really needed the expertise of Praecipio Consulting.

Greg Berglund | City of Georgetown

Praecipio Consulting strives to understand you. They translate your problems and needs into a tool you can use. They’ve made what I do a lot easier; I love it.

Keitha Richardson | Electric Power Board (EPB) of Chattanooga