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  • Modernizing Incident Management, Part II

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IT systems and processes were originally designed for a handful of team members who manually detected, manually analyzed, correlated, and prioritized alert notifications from a few tools in their ecosystem. To meet the demands of a fast-changing, competitive environment, teams are now dealing with ten-fold increase in devices and environments. Due to the number of devices and larger environments that can now reconfigure themselves, teams are now relying on automation to prevent alert fatigue and operational noise. As teams modernize incident management, they look to the right toolchain to mitigate these issues and reduce mean-time-to-resolution. In part two of our white paper series, we look at how Jira Service Desk, when coupled with Moogsoft AIOps, can bridge this gap between existing monitoring and ITSM tools. Download this white paper to learn how Praecipio Consulting leverages process expertise, ITIL best practices, and modern ITSM tools from Atlassian and Moogsoft to optimize the incident response process.

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